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[O] Feature Request: Time Line in Lab Book

From: Dominik Schrempf
Subject: [O] Feature Request: Time Line in Lab Book
Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2016 10:12:53 +0200
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I want to write a lab book with Org mode.  Thereby my workflow is as
follows: New stuff is appended to the bottom of the document (with time
stamps in chronological order).  Sometimes, especially when I discuss
something in a meeting, tasks pop up that can only be done later.  These
tasks are filed into TODO entries.  However, new stuff is being appended
to the end of the document before I can come back to getting these tasks
done.  When I work on a task, I document it below this task and do not
append it to the bottom of the document.  This new stuff should belong
to that task and not to the top level (i.e., the time line).  New stuff
belonging to the time line should belong to the top level and not to any
task above it.  I want to fold tasks together with text belonging to
them while the time line is still visible below them.  I am not sure if
I make myself clear.

A possible example:

* February 2016
February 10th: Some text and stuff in February 2016.

** TODO A task to be done. Filed on February 10th.
   E.g., February 24th: Some text that should belong to the task only.
   I could not work on this task before February 18th.
February 18th: Some more text belonging to February 2016 and not to the

* March 2016

And so on.  Maybe this feature does already exist, but I am not aware of
it.  I know that especially upon export, this is hard to realize,
because all text always belongs to the previous headline.  But maybe it
is worth thinking about it because at least to me this would be highly
useful (e.g., having different styles in HTML export for the text under
the task and the text of the top level, the time line).

Thanks and best wishes,

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