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Re: [O] Feature Request: Time Line in Lab Book

From: Dominik Schrempf
Subject: Re: [O] Feature Request: Time Line in Lab Book
Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2016 12:53:56 +0200
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Hi Eric,

thanks for your answer.  I guess drawers in general are the solution to
my problems because then I can associate text to a specific headline.  I
introduced a DESCRIPTION drawer that includes the description of my
problem/task and I log the solution or outcome into the LOGBOOK drawer
when setting the state to DONE.  The drawer names are of course
arbitrary.  I also tried to use a single LOGBOOK drawer but Org mode
always adds notes at the top in the respective drawer.  I guess this is
fine in general but not expected behavior in this setting, that's why I
use two of them.


On Thu, Mar 31 2016, Eric S Fraga wrote:
> Hi Dominik,
> it's not entirely clear what you want but I can suggest what I do.  I
> use the following capture rule to add entries to my journal (equivalent
> to your lab book):
> #+begin_src emacs-lisp
>   ("j" "journal" entry
>    (file+datetree+prompt "~/s/notes/journal.org")
>    "* %(format-time-string \"%H:%M\") %^{Entry} %^G\n%i%?")
> #+end_src 
> You could have two such capture rules, one for notes and one for TODO
> items.  To add notes to the TODO items, you could use the logging
> capability so that org prompts for a note every time a TODO item changes
> state.  Have a look at org-log-state-notes-into-drawer.

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