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Re: [O] Promote/demote an Active Region

From: Nicolas Goaziou
Subject: Re: [O] Promote/demote an Active Region
Date: Sun, 10 Apr 2016 09:03:02 +0200


Ron Mitchell <address@hidden> writes:

> In "2.5 Structure Editing" the org info manual says
> "When there is an active region (Transient Mark mode), promotion and
> demotion work on all headlines in the region."
> That doesn't work for me. Only the line at point is pro- or de- moted.

I cannot reproduce it. E.g., in the following document, where region
boundaries are marked with |,

  |* H1
  ** H11|
  * H2

using M-Right gives

  ** H1
  *** H11
  * H2


Nicolas Goaziou

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