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Re: [O] Trouble with capture template and prompt

From: Adam Porter
Subject: Re: [O] Trouble with capture template and prompt
Date: Tue, 13 Sep 2016 23:47:37 -0500
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Bart Bunting <address@hidden> writes:

> Several of the entries I do not use but thought I should include the
> entire variable.

Hi Bart,

Well, that looks okay to me.  Going back to the original error message
you provided, isn't C-c ! bound to insert an inactive org timestamp by
default?  It's strange that it would be involved here.

I think that whatever is the problem, it's not in the capture templates,
but somewhere else in your Org config.  But I would suggest, as a first
step, trying to reduce the problematic capture template to the bare
minimum, item by item, to see if you can make it work without the error.
If you can, whatever you remove that's causing it should point you
toward the problem.

One other thing, you said that that code is from .customize.  Is there
anything related to the capture templates in your other config files?

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