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Re: [O] How are people handling their calendars?

From: Bala Ramadurai
Subject: Re: [O] How are people handling their calendars?
Date: Tue, 25 Oct 2016 21:56:00 +0530

Hello All,
  Interesting question indeed! I had tried a whole bunch of options, but gave up on each of those because of some kind of conflicting requirements.

Option 1: MobileOrg. Works well, but sharing particular events is tricky. Served me the longest along with Zapier app integrations
Option 2: export to ICS and share on dropbox as a URL. Then import the URL into google calendar as a separate calendar. I made two calendars - one for sharing and one for personal. Since the sharing was mainly with my wife, I set up her mobile so that it shows up the event from the shared calendar. Limitation - she couldn't edit the event on her own.
Option 3: My latest - org-gcal. I finally figured out how to use it. Now, I use it to sync 2 calendars. Still a bit quirky, but on the whole it works well. I would have loved it if org-gcal could pick up scheduled items from the middle of the org file. instead, now I have a dedicated org file for events. Since, this syncs pretty well. My wife can edit events as well. Only limitation is that the tokens have to refreshed once in a while. I am still figuring out my review process based on the new setup.

I didn't use the DAV option, neither did I use the awk script. calfw is very different from org-agenda, so I find it a bit clunky for my needs and style.

I would love to hear more options from the group.

Have a great day!



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