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Re: [O] org-depend: dependencies between TODO entries in different files

From: Christophe Schockaert
Subject: Re: [O] org-depend: dependencies between TODO entries in different files
Date: Mon, 12 Dec 2016 23:23:49 +0100
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Hi all,

Karl Voit writes:
> Oh my goodness - free wishes for org-depend? Christmas is rather
> early this year! ;-)
Indeed, that's wonderful ^^

> OK, let's do some brain storming ...
As a summary from my sight point, I am totally inline with Karl for the
feature set:

  - Personnally, I am ready to care about state consistency myself, so
    letting the user responsible for it
  - Same wish about scheduling arbitrary actions by making use of IDs:
    either absolute or relative
  - I would also have use of different state transitions: DONE => TODO ;

Besides that, I wonder if/how we could automate the following course of

  - let have point on an entry
  - create a new "TODO-like" entry as a link to that entry
  - assign an ID to both entries: lets say "ID-original" and "ID-duplicate"
  - in the new entry: define a BLOCKER property set on "ID-original"

  - in the original entry: define a TRIGGER property set as

At first sight:

- the new entry could be created besides the original or in a file where
  it is ready to refile

- the TODO state in the new entry could be set with a default, I think
  it is so easy to switch afterwards with Org keystrokes

- the triggered state might better be a parameter (possibly a customized
  default as "TODO"): otherwise, it would be necessary to go inside the
  drawer to change it

Currently, I am doing all this manually, quite often. I am not sure if a
capture template can offer that. It's on my plan to look after it for
some time, but I didn't do it yet. The tricky part is the cross-link
creation and storage. So, as we are discussion on the topic, I just
share what is on my mind about it :)

I wish it can bring something useful,
Feedbacks are welcome,


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