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Re: [O] Easy Templates

From: William McCoy
Subject: Re: [O] Easy Templates
Date: Sat, 8 Jul 2017 17:32:59 -0400
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Thanks very much! Now it is clear to me. I didn't see or understand that the `<<>' was a literal `<'. So that actually makes sense to me now.


On 07/08/2017 05:14 PM, Marco Wahl wrote:

I am fairly new to orgmode and I have just begun trying to use source
code blocks.  I have a simple question that is not made clear in the
Orgmode Manual.

The manual states that to insert an Easy Template for a source code
block, use:

`<<>' `<s>' `<TAB>'

and then

`<' `l' `<TAB>'

to label it for LaTeX.  But I cannot find anywhere in the manual where
the `<<>' is explained.  The section on typographical conventions says
nothing about this.

IMHO you found an inconsistency in the documentation.  `<<>' looks like
a weird doubled quoting to me.

Can someone tell exactly what to type to insert a template for, say,
LaTeX or emacs-lisp?

To get a source block template for emacs-lisp easily you could type the
three keys `<' `s' `<TAB>' and then type literally "emacs-lisp".


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