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Re: [O] S5 HTML export - org9.1.1

From: dchechin92
Subject: Re: [O] S5 HTML export - org9.1.1
Date: Sat, 07 Oct 2017 17:45:15 +0200
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I have evaluated the following function found in ox-html.el
and indeed the S5 html works when this function is defined.

(defun org-html-end-plain-list (type)
  "Insert the end of the HTML list depending on TYPE."
  (case type
    (`ordered "</ol>")
    (`unordered "</ul>")
    (`descriptive "</dl>")))

I don't know if this function should appear accordly in
ox-S5.el or elsewhere. As I don't use development environment
I don't know how a patch has to be submitted.

Anyway thank for your help. Hope it can be useful for the
person who knows how to implement it and where.


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