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Re: [O] org-depend: TRIGGER XYZ(KEYWORD) not working

From: Adrian Bradd
Subject: Re: [O] org-depend: TRIGGER XYZ(KEYWORD) not working
Date: Sun, 3 Dec 2017 10:13:16 -0500


First observation:

When I set the heading 1 to DONE (without assigning it any other
keyword), the TRIGGER events are ignored totally.  I guess this is
an edge-case that may be considered as a bug.

​This is the result of Line 219 in org-depend.el:

(unless (and (member from org-not-done-keywords)
            (member to org-done-keywords))

In this instance 'from' is set to nil so the 'and' returns nil and org-depend doesn't process the change of TODO to look for dependents. I don't know why it was defined this way as org-todo.el accepts headings with no TODO entry. I can't think of any reason other than explicitly blocking a user from processing a heading without a TODO entry, but it seems that if the user went to the effort of populating a TRIGGER property that they probably want this to be acted upon by org-depend.el.

If there are no concerns raised in this thread I'll push a patch to all have org-depend process the example you listed.
Second observation:

However, what is bugging me even more is that even when "heading 1"
has a TODO keyword assigned, in *some* cases, the TRIGGER event does
not get executed when I do it in my large Org-mode file.

Copying the corresponding headings (the one with the TRIGGER prop
and the headings containing the "target" IDs) from my real-world
Org-mode file to my small test.org from above and marking the
heading that contains the TRIGGER properties to DONE, it then works
as expected.

I then took the simple example from above, added a TODO keyword to
the heading 1, copied it to my real-world Org-mode file and even
this did not work: Heading 2 and 3 don't get their "NEXT" keyword

So the behavior changes within different Org-file contexts.
Therefore, I do have an issue creating a minimal example to
demonstrate the bug.

Can somebody give me an advice how to debug this behavior?

​My only thought is that there is an ID clashing with your sample ID and it is being updated instead of the heading you are interested in. org-depend.el looks at the local file for an ID and then looks globally for an ID match.

You could instrument 'org-depend-trigger-todo' to trace the behaviour while processing the TODO update.

Otherwise, you could use a process of elimination in a copy of your existing file to find the MWE that causes the issue and post it here. You could successively delete headings or other entries until the issue stops occurring.​

I have read your post on org-depend and found it insightful so thanks for that. When I was looking around at patching some new functionality into org-depend I was put onto org-edna[1] which was built as an alternative to org-depend. The syntax isn't compatible with org-depend, but org-edna is more powerful than org-depend. I am now using org-edna and am quite happy with it.

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