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Re: [O] org-depend: TRIGGER XYZ(KEYWORD) not working

From: Adrian Bradd
Subject: Re: [O] org-depend: TRIGGER XYZ(KEYWORD) not working
Date: Tue, 5 Dec 2017 21:51:23 -0500

​Hi Karl,​

This is because I removed the wrong progress indicator from my
examples before posting. You have to change all "[0/2]" with "[%]"
and then you see the issue I described. It seems to be the case that
[/] do work whereas [%] do cause the described malfunctional
behaviour. I was using both and did remove the wrong one.

​I have found the issue, but haven't had time to patch it. It actually does happen with both [%] and [/].

org-todo is using a point to pass the beginning of the heading to org-depend instead of a marker. As such, when characters are added to the statistics in the parent heading the point shifts up to the line above the heading and when (org-entry-get pos "TRIGGER") runs it searches the heading above it, which is why the trigger works correctly if you populate the parent heading property.

change-plist looks llike it is used in a few other functions as well. I'll have to see if using a marker breaks them.



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