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[O] Prevent auto-filling of export snippets

From: edgar
Subject: [O] Prevent auto-filling of export snippets
Date: Sat, 09 Dec 2017 03:03:25 +0000
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AFAIK, you are an Org guru (or at least have much more experience than I do), and I know that you are asking this for the benefit of everyone. I just want to say:

and with auto-fill-mode enabled (70 cols), if I hit Enter at the end of the line, I becomes:

I recommend using visual-fill-column-mode
  ;; Wrap text
  ;; http://danlovesprogramming.com/making-text-look-good-in-org-mode/
  ;; https://caolan.org/dotfiles/emacs.html
  (use-package visual-fill-column
    :ensure t)

  (with-eval-after-load "org"
          (require 'visual-fill-column))

and add indent mode (I didn't keep the reference to the source of this; this may go inside the :config part of use-package org):

(add-hook 'org-mode-hook (lambda ()
                             (auto-fill-mode -1)
(setq visual-line-fringe-indicators '(left-curly-arrow right-curly-arrow))
                             (visual-line-mode 1)

Can the rules in Org set to prevent auto-filling (like in Headings) be set for Export Snippets too?
In that way, you really don't need auto-filling.

Note: I tried to set the right snippets to get visual-fill-column-mode working, but I don't know if more than that is needed.


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