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Re: [O] [RFC] Dog food, anyone?

From: Thomas S. Dye
Subject: Re: [O] [RFC] Dog food, anyone?
Date: Sun, 17 Dec 2017 15:13:31 -1000
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Aloha Adrian,

Adrian Bradd writes:
> I support the move to manual.org. If there are concerns about the
> quality of the manual.org file and its exported .texi manual that
> prevent it from becoming the master source one could ask contributors to
> add information to both the .texi and .org file until the final
> conversion is made. At the very least this would prevent an individual
> from taking all the load.
> Was there resistance to the move to manual.org previously? Or was the
> issue one of apathy?

I don't know exactly.  I think there were legitimate concerns at the
time that manual.org required more work to produce a standard org.texi,
and some doubt whether it would indeed be possible.

I don't think apathy was a factor. IIRC, there was a lot of support for
the idea, including Carsten's hope that Org mode could "eat it's own dog

All the best,

Thomas S. Dye

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