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Re: [O] [RFC] Moving "manual.org" into core

From: Kaushal Modi
Subject: Re: [O] [RFC] Moving "manual.org" into core
Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2018 17:31:51 +0000

On Mon, Jan 22, 2018 at 12:20 PM Nicolas Goaziou <address@hidden> wrote:

Again, Org manual, as published in "orgmode.org", is generated through
Texinfo, which treats "begin_src org" exactly as "begin_example". So,
switching to "begin_src org" will not give us Org fontification in HTML

Ah, OK. Understood now. I didn't know that.. would have been nice if that meta data was somehow retained.
This is not about typing. When the markup is more visible than the
contents, it is visual clutter.


It is a matter of taste. I tested both when updating the manual, and
eventually settled for example blocks.

In any case, I have no strong opinion about it. I just lean towards

Thank you. I'd like to see Org snippets in src blocks as they are not any "raw" monospace text blocks. But if no one else has a strong opinion for using src blocks for Org snippets, then I guess I'll have to concede.

> While pasting that example, I realized, that you don't even need to
> specially made an Org snippet an src block just because you want to use it
> as a noweb ref in the manual. Making Org snippets, src blocks, always, just
> feels like the right thing.

I didn't understand this part.

AFAIK noweb-ref can be used only for src blocks. So in the case you need to use Org snippets as noweb refs, you would then need to make those Org snippets src blocks instead of example blocks. I was just trying to make that point.

Overall, I am glad to see consistency edits being made in the manual.. will make it easier to contribute to it by just following by example.



Kaushal Modi

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