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Re: [O] FW: [RFC] Link-type for attachments, more attach options

From: stardiviner
Subject: Re: [O] FW: [RFC] Link-type for attachments, more attach options
Date: Thu, 16 Jan 2020 19:15:24 +0800
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Gustav Wikström <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi,
>> -----Original Message-----
>> From: stardiviner <address@hidden>
>> Sent: den 15 januari 2020 07:21
>> To: Gustav Wikström <address@hidden>
>> Cc: address@hidden; address@hidden
>> Subject: Re: [O] FW: [RFC] Link-type for attachments, more attach options
>> [...]
>> >> I found when I set option ~(setq org-attach-store-link-p t)~. Then
>> >> attach a file, store file link with =[C-c C-l]=. The stored link. I
>> >> open this link got error "No such file: ....". I tested this with
>> >> minimal Emacs config. confirmed this problem.
>> >>
>> >
>> > I cannot reproduce this. In my try with a minimal Emacs (emacs -q) and
>> with only that single customization it works for me. I'm testing it in
>> linux. A wild guess.. Could it be that you used the move operation instead
>> of the copy operation when attaching the file?
>> >
>> > Regards
>> > Gustav
>> Did you reproduce this issue with =emacs -q= ? That is a built-in Org Mode
>> version which does not contains the latest version =org-attach.el=.
>> Here is my minimal Emacs config:
>> [...]
>> ;;========================================================================
>> ======
>> ;;; Here is org-attach.el customization
>> (require 'org-attach)
>> ;; store link auto with `org-store-link' using `file:' link type or
>> `attachment:' link type.
>> (setq org-attach-store-link-p 'attached) (setq org-attach-dir-relative t)
>> (setq org-attach-preferred-new-method 'ask) #+end_src
>> #+begin_src sh :eval no
>> emacs -q -l '~/.config/emacs/minimal-init.el'
>> #+end_src

> Hmm, in the first mail you said that you set org-attach-store-link-p to t, but
> in your config it says 'attached.

Sorry about this.

> I've tried with a minimal config as well
> (using emacs -q because I build the newest org mode version into the emacs
> folder) and can only reproduce your issue when using the attached option for
> org-attach-store-link-p and then inserting that link with C-c C-l /in another
> heading/. Pasting the link in another heading is expected to break since the
> attachment link is context dependent (i.e. requires an attachment folder).
> Makes sense? If I'm still misunderstanding your use-case, would you care to
> describe the steps to reproduce it more in detail?

After updated commit, don't know why, but all links worked again. I'm not good
at expressing thanks, but you got all my thanks on this. :)

> Regards       
> Gustav

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