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[PATCH] Update ob-haskell from deprecated inf-haskell-mode to haskell-in

From: Seth Lee
Subject: [PATCH] Update ob-haskell from deprecated inf-haskell-mode to haskell-interactive-mode
Date: Mon, 13 Jul 2020 17:05:06 +0000

Hello, I've made a patch for `ob-haskell.el`.
I'm not really an elisper, but I made a patch that seems to work on my machine.

Issue: compiling code in a source block that had an infinite list that would evaluate in the ghci.
All code, even with `:compile` flag set would be run in ghci.

Updating deprecated `inf-haskell-mode` to `haskell-interactive-mode` solves the issue for me.

Source blocks flagged to compile will compile in a temp file, and those flagged otherwise will be run interactively. This is the intended behaviour.

Patch attached.

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