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Re: [PATCH] Use completing-read-multiple for org-set-tags-command

From: Clemens
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Use completing-read-multiple for org-set-tags-command
Date: Wed, 22 Jul 2020 09:04:01 +0200
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With the built-in completion, org-set-tags-command already supports
completing multiple tags.

Interesting, I couldn't figure out how. I tried with emacs -Q (v 26.3) and I get only completion for the first tag. If you try to get completion after entering the first you get an [no match] message. Maybe I'm doing something wrong? How do you get completion after the first tag with default completion?

So that aim reduces to using
completing-read-multiple because other completion libraries are more
likely to play nicely with crm.

At the moment that's not mentioned in the commit message (and, less
importantly, it wasn't mentioned in the message introducing the patch),
but in my view that aim should be the emphasis of the commit message.
It'd be good to note the popular completion libraries that don't work
out of the box with the current approach, and whether they do after this

As described above my initial aim was really to get completion after entering the first tag (that is mentioned in my message introducing the patch but it is a good idea to mention it also in the commit). Completion frameworks automatically benefit from this if they support `completing-read-multiple`.

It's also probably worth mentioning why org-tags-completion-function is
still passed as the completion function to completing-read-multiple, as
the completion function's main purpose of completing multiple tags could
now be fulfilled by completing-read-multiple alone.  And what about the
other spots that use org-tags-completion-function?

I haven't looked at `org-tags-completion-function` in detail will have to check if something could be adjusted there, too. I thought usages in other spots wouldn't be affected and should automatically work with the new enhanced behavior. I will look into that, had you something specific in mind?

Thanks for your review and help!

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