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Re: Headline generation as in diary?

From: Michael Heerdegen
Subject: Re: Headline generation as in diary?
Date: Wed, 28 Oct 2020 18:12:58 +0100
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I <michael_heerdegen@web.de> wrote:

> With diary, I can use arbitrary Lisp expressions to generate dates, and
> those expressions can also return a string to use as non-nil return
> value to generate non-constant headlines including certain numbers for
> example. [...]

My solution so far: I've set up my `org-capture-templates' so that when
I hit T (instead of t) I am prompted for time+headline and optionally a
number of days for a reminder, and, for example, when I enter "21:00
Test" and a "2" I get an entry like

| ** TODO Special entry: "21:00 Test"
| %%(diary-remind
|    '(and
|      (dg-it-is "[2020-10-31 Sa]")
|      "TODO 21:00 Test")
|    2)

`dg-it-is' is a function that tests whether "it is" the given date
specified as an inactive org time stamp.  The nice thing about this is
that org recognizes the stamp and I can click on it with the mouse to
change it etc.

And I can freely edit the whole expression.  The entry gets listed in
the agenda correctly (also the reminder) and I get two appt.el
appointments (or rather, my substitution for it).

Cons: The headline is ignored, I use a dummy headline.  I don't have
emacs-lisp bindings to edit the expression in the Capture or Org buffer,
so if I want something more complicated I probably need to use *scratch*
as intermediate step  (I tried to use a source block, but then the %%()
expression is not recognized any more, and the time stamps are not
clickable any more).

And for whatever reason, the agenda doesn't fontify the word "TODO".

If anyone has ideas for improvements, I'm curious!



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