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Re: Bug: headline folding broken by whitespace

From: Kyle Meyer
Subject: Re: Bug: headline folding broken by whitespace
Date: Sat, 31 Oct 2020 17:12:05 -0400

Russell Adams writes:

> On Sat, Oct 31, 2020 at 01:58:25PM -0400, Kyle Meyer wrote:
>> As I mentioned elsewhere in the thread, my guess is that Russell was
>> using your example as is, rather than adding the space on the line
>> (where X is below).
> No. I added a space, and even used highlight-regexp to confirm all
> spaces.
> It did not occur for me.

Well, then I'm out of guesses.

In any case, for those who can trigger the issue (using the example from
this thread as well as the examples from the related threads) on
ee3c3b554 up through 47bf6005b (as I can, with a vanilla Emacs 27.1),
e8070d71a should resolve it.

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