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Re: Org-Mode as DSL

From: Mauro Mandracchia
Subject: Re: Org-Mode as DSL
Date: Sat, 31 Oct 2020 22:48:03 +0100

Thanks for the warm welcome and the amount of inputs and details that everybody so fast provides.
I'm really impressed by this community.

Ok seems that delivering a language specification in EBNF has some challenges that can hardly be addressed due to the nature of org-mode design, but I read around that often EBNF is not the silver bullet to solve a grammar representation although it is a de-facto standard.

So I will try to put some orders in my thoughts, when I look at functionalities of org-mode I will split them in the following categories:
I share a lot with of your ideas and inputs, here some observations and options that I noticed:
For my personal needs I think I would pragmatically start toying around with a org-mode to json like here https://github.com/ludios/org-to-json
And once I gain some confidence on the output JSON, I think I will gain more confidence about the grammar definition.

I think that converting org-mode to JSON could show org-mode as an Abstract Syntax Tree, I think from there it should be easier to create a specification and maybe is what already orgajs already did. 
I believe creating functions like tangle and execution shouldn't be that trivial from an AST.

there is overlap between the Interfaces of LSP and org-mode which makes a lot of sense since both target the interaction for with a document eg:
This makes me think that creating an org-mode LSP is not that crazy idea after all, what do you think?
If you would build an LSP for org-mode which setup would you choose? What do you think would be hard to implement?

Again many thanks 🙏

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