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Re: Release Org 9.4.2

From: Pankaj Jangid
Subject: Re: Release Org 9.4.2
Date: Wed, 16 Dec 2020 20:26:06 +0530
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Gustav Wikström <gustav@whil.se> writes:

> But to be fair, the collaboration features of GitHub surely would be a
> BIG net positive if the goal is to attract contributions and gain a
> bigger mindshare. That together with an open collective funding model
> of some sort. Because let's be fair. This is a hobby project and it
> would be cool if it could be something else at least for someone!

When I receive a PR on Github, I pull the developer’s branch in a
local-branch and then review, and then merge locally and then push to

Github automatically closes the PR.

I really don’t want to visit a website to review code, when I have

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