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Re: 'false' list item

From: Tim Cross
Subject: Re: 'false' list item
Date: Mon, 22 Feb 2021 14:26:03 +1100
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Greg Minshall <minshall@umich.edu> writes:

> Tim,
>> If a line starts with a number, period and space, but that line is
>> within a paragraph (i.e. no blank line above), then I don't think it
>> should be interpreted as an enumerated list item. If this is what the OP
>> is referring to, I would argue it is a bug. If it is a 'paragraph'
>> starting with a number, period and space, then being interpreted as a
>> list item would be 'normal'.
> i know this isn't precisely the discussion, but i use *unnumbered*
> lists, and i most often have no blank line separating the list from the
> paragraph above (or, indeed, below).  i could get used to a modified
> requirement, to reduce the false positives, but, would want heads up
> (or, maybe, sigh, an option?).

There is no plans to change anything as far as I know. What I wrote was
mainly to show why we have the situation and that any proposed solution
has its own drawbacks.

Bottom line, we cannot easily prevent the 'false' list item issue
without introducing either other issues or adding some additional syntax
to indicate list items, which defeats the 'plain' aspects which many
appreciate in org. Even the proposed 'solutions' still suffer from false

The question is probably, how can we 'flag' possible false positives in
a convenient manner. For example, it has been suggested that some form
of highlighting for list elements might make it easier to spot a false
element lurking in a paragraph of text. this could possibly be useful,
but I also worry about adding more font-locking and highlighting due to
the potential to degrade performance further. We already have people
running into issue with performance in large org files.

Tim Cross

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