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A requires/provides approach to linking source code blocks

From: Marko Schuetz-Schmuck
Subject: A requires/provides approach to linking source code blocks
Date: Thu, 08 Jul 2021 12:24:15 -0400

Dear All,

AFAIU in the current support for literate programming I can establish
sequence between blocks by either tangling the entire file whereby the
blocks are written to the source code file in the sequence in which they
appear in the org-mode file or I can name the blocks and use noweb
linking to explicitly state the precise sequence in which the blocks
appear in the source code file.

I would find it useful to have a more declarative way for specifying
sequence. I imagine e.g. using "#+REQUIRES:" and "#+PROVIDES:" to
capture dependency and then have the exporter compute a sequence
satisfying these. I would think that this makes the maintenance of the
dependencies more convenient.

I'd be interested in feedback on the idea.

Please include my email address in the reply as I am not subscribed to
the list.

Best regards,


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