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Re: [PATCH] Allow tangling to a list of files

From: Trust me I am a Doctor
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Allow tangling to a list of files
Date: Thu, 08 Jul 2021 18:41:50 +0200


I have no particular opinion for the patch proposed but wanted to share
with you some reflections I had on the subject to use one org file to
tangle to multiple setup.

I use abundantly virtual machines and my emacs configurations have many
bits that I don't want everywhere, be it a mail setup, a rss setup, or
extra languages setup ... etc.

It is not exactly the same usage, I do not tangle different versions in
one pass, I tangle a version at a time, and take care of installing it
in the right place later.

Naively I started to use the header's tags to tangle blocks. I thought
because there was already in place a query syntax for the tags it
may been interesting to use that.

You can see attached a proto of a tangle function that accept tags
specification and that will only tangle the blocks of the headings
matching this specification; and some utilities that I use with it.

Attachment: tag-tangler.el
Description: tag-tangler.el

However I must say that solution is quite simplistic. It effectively
allow me to filter dynamically what I tangle from my files, but I cannot
rely on it to specify elegantly, eg, complex dependencies between

At some point I wished to use org-properties to abstract some logics
from Elisp to org, and then forget about I always have something else to
tweak ...


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