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Re: org-indent-indentation-per-level may be broken

From: Timothy
Subject: Re: org-indent-indentation-per-level may be broken
Date: Tue, 31 Aug 2021 23:30:05 +0800
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Hi David,

> Thanks for getting back to me!

No trouble, sometimes the “main people” (Bastien, Nicolas, …) end up being a
bit snowed under and things take a bit longer than one might hope, but we’ll
always try to get back to you 🙂.

>> Is the patch in your original email a good fix for this?
> Basically yes, though I’ve simplified it to this:
> *snip*

Thanks for this, it’s nice to see something so simple. Would you care to make a
“proper” patch (commit message and all 😉) so we can apply it to the repo
giving you credit? If you haven’t assigned the FSF copyright, you’ll just need
to add “TINYCHANGE” to the end of the commit message as per

All the best,

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