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Re: org-indent-indentation-per-level may be broken

From: David Lukeš
Subject: Re: org-indent-indentation-per-level may be broken
Date: Wed, 1 Sep 2021 00:50:40 +0200

> No trouble, sometimes the “main people” (Bastien, Nicolas, …) end up
> being a bit snowed under and things take a bit longer than one might
> hope, but we’ll always try to get back to you 🙂.

I realize that, I hope I didn't sound snarky, I was being genuinely
thankful :)

> Would you care to make a “proper” patch (commit message and all 😉) so
> we can apply it to the repo giving you credit?

Sure, sounds great, I'll try and send one in a minute! Let's see how it

> If you haven’t assigned the FSF copyright, you’ll just need to add
> “TINYCHANGE” to the end of the commit message as per
> <https://orgmode.org/contribute.html>.

When properly formatted, the patch looks bigger than it actually is, but
I'm assuming that's not a problem -- that the number of lines of code is
computed using something like "git diff -w"?


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