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Re: next-error for agenda searches

From: Ihor Radchenko
Subject: Re: next-error for agenda searches
Date: Sun, 19 Dec 2021 21:31:07 +0800

Samuel Wales <samologist@gmail.com> writes:

> btw, if anybody has difficulty understanding why i mention a bug or
> suggest a feature [such as why anbydoy would want it], please feel
> free to say so, otherwise i don't know that that is the case.  [please
> go easy on me though.]

This is a difficult query. There are many emails coming through mailing
lists daily and people tend to skip everything
confusing/unclear/uninteresting. So, difficulty in understanding most
likely leads to no replies.

> in this case, it is an emacs consistency fr.  across emacs, next-error
> goes from match to match, and it seems to me [perhaps i am mistaken]
> that agenda searches should be emacsy too.

FYI, I never used next-error. Reading through the docstring, it looks
like it is not very suitable for agendas.

AFAIU, normal use case of next-error is when you have a big project with
multiple files and you want to look at the context for every compiler
error. You have a single compiler error log that can be assigned to
places in the project.

This kind of assumption is not correct for Org agendas. I assume that
your workflow only includes a single agenda view all the time. However,
multiple agenda views is not an uncommon workflow. You may have daily
agenda, some tag-matching agendas, agendas with various restrictions,
etc. It would be unclear which agenda view to use when you call
next-error. Last generated? Last visited? What about agenda filters?
Dimmed tasks?

> furthermore, the next-closest thing, follow mode, puts point in wrong
> window.  also, 'canonical visibility is not present so i cannot see
> everything [this might or might not be fixable by user].

Can you elaborate?

> also there is an accessibility issue with it.  i use large fonts so 2
> windows do not show much.  i use 2 windows only for very rare
> completion or selecting purposes.  not usable here.

I also use relatively large fonts, though I do have space for two
windows (but not more). Note that there is org-agenda-entry-text-mode.
Might be useful. Also, I personally prefer org-quickpeek in agenda.

> this isn't a huge deal for me at all, but e.g. when i do agenda
> searches i get really overwhelmed by the size and irrelevance
> [including duplication] of my own org forest developed over years.

This sounds like you could use more tight search criteria or custom
agenda searches. An example of irrelevant vs. relevant information could
help us to suggest something for you.

> next-error would help me traverse and trim it rapidly.  i could
> perhaps create a kb macro to emulate it, but i haven't tried yet.
> then again, one could do so for grep mode etc. also.  :]

If you decide to go with macro, it should not be too hard. Just <RET> on
agenda item, do your edits, macro-beg, switch to agenda buffer,
next-line, <RET>, macro-end


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