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Re: next-error for agenda searches

From: Samuel Wales
Subject: Re: next-error for agenda searches
Date: Sun, 19 Dec 2021 18:45:54 -0700

On 12/19/21, Ihor Radchenko <yantar92@gmail.com> wrote:
> multiple agenda views is not an uncommon workflow. You may have daily

i think this is a strong objection.  multiple simultaneous agenda
views seems to sink my suggestion.

can one have multiple simultaneous c-c / buffers?  and multiple
grep/occur/compilation shell minor mode?

or a grep buffer and an occur buffer and a compilation shell minor
mode buffer simultaneously?  what disambiguates those?

idk what is done in such cases.  perhaps there is an assumption of a
single set of errors at a time, or some buffer local thing.

> etc. It would be unclear which agenda view to use when you call
> next-error. Last generated? Last visited? What about agenda filters?
> Dimmed tasks?

yes, good points, if you mean separate agendas.  [else filters
honored; dimmed presumably not skipped by default.]

>> furthermore, the next-closest thing, follow mode, puts point in wrong
>> window.  also, 'canonical visibility is not present so i cannot see
>> everything [this might or might not be fixable by user].
> Can you elaborate?

well it is moot because of the accessibility issue, but it is
unsuitable for the next-error task.  point in wrong window so you have
to switch.  some things hidden so you have to make visible is all i
meant.  again, moot so no suggestions needed here.

>> also there is an accessibility issue with it.  i use large fonts so 2
>> windows do not show much.  i use 2 windows only for very rare
>> completion or selecting purposes.  not usable here.
> I also use relatively large fonts, though I do have space for two
> windows (but not more). Note that there is org-agenda-entry-text-mode.

indeed that shows text.  not editable directly in the real buffer, so
not like next-error.  not useful for me in practice but nice.

the next-error idea is for consistency with other parts of emacs.
your multiple simultaneous agenda problem might nix it, dunno.

> Might be useful. Also, I personally prefer org-quickpeek in agenda.

can't seem to find that package but next-error allows editing not just peeking.

> This sounds like you could use more tight search criteria or custom
> agenda searches. An example of irrelevant vs. relevant information could
> help us to suggest something for you.

appreciate the offfer but pretty ure nobody can help here.  i am also
limited in computer use and the back and forth is an issue.  i would
not be able to describe the poroblems in sufficient detail, there
would be further questions, i'd have to respond, etc.

but basically i have had org for a long time and i am not able to
maintain my forest as well as i need to.

but it was just one point of many.  help here would in most cases
likely be smething i have already thought of.  appreciates the offer.

next-error is a sort of general tool.  it is not just for this purpose
and compilation errors.  imo at least.  that is why c-c / uses it.

>> next-error would help me traverse and trim it rapidly.  i could
>> perhaps create a kb macro to emulate it, but i haven't tried yet.
>> then again, one could do so for grep mode etc. also.  :]
> If you decide to go with macro, it should not be too hard. Just <RET> on
> agenda item, do your edits, macro-beg, switch to agenda buffer,
> next-line, <RET>, macro-end

yes :) [and doing soething to create canonical visibility at point so
that everything relevant is visible, and setting line in window].

[and finding that kb macro to lisp package and binding the command and
possibly overloading the next-error bindings.]

> Best,
> Ihor

my suggestion was for org's sake and i didn't think this much detail
would be needed at the time.  i used my computer use time to do the
best i could, but it seems that more detail was needed, and that
detail needed discussion.  my bad.

n.b.  i've been on the list for years, and many core features of org,
and parts thereof, were actually... my suggestions :).

but sometimes i miss the mark apparently, especially lately.  as in this case.

still, not sure why multiple grep buffers or grep with occur or c-c /,
etc. are compatible but multiple simultaneous agenda not so.

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