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text after sub headings?

From: Robert Nikander
Subject: text after sub headings?
Date: Thu, 23 Dec 2021 11:11:37 -0500

I see why this is not possible, given the text format of an org file. But I am 
curious if people think it would be useful. This is a bit off-topic maybe, but 
I’m imagining what I would do if I created something like org-mode using 
another underlying format.


* Top
  Some text under “Top”
  ** A level-2 heading 
    Text under level-2 heading
  ** Another level-2 heading
    Text under the second level-2 heading
  More text under “Top”
  So if the level-2 headings were collapsed we would still see this.
  ** Could have more sub-headings here
  More top level text, etc.

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