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Re: text after sub headings?

From: Juan Manuel Macías
Subject: Re: text after sub headings?
Date: Thu, 23 Dec 2021 22:10:59 +0000

Robert Nikander writes:

> If you view a "*" item as "book section", it's confusing. But if you
> view a "*" item as "collapsible thing", then it makes more sense.

I understand your use case. But I think in that context Org headings
would still be useful (at least they remind us at what level we're). For
example, some headings could be used for those parts with a tag
:not_a_heading:. I sometimes use something like that, and then I remove
those tagged headings on export or convert them to another type of
separator, it depends on the case:

* Top
  Some text under “Top”
  ** A level-2 heading 
    Text under level-2 heading
  ** Another level-2 heading
    Text under the second level-2 heading
* Some descriptive title :not_a_heading:
More text under “Top”

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