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Re: Suggestion: convert dispatchers to use transient

From: João Pedro de Amorim Paula
Subject: Re: Suggestion: convert dispatchers to use transient
Date: Sat, 05 Feb 2022 17:18:47 -0300

On 04 February 2022 08:30, Tim Cross <theophilusx@gmail.com> wrote:

> I'm assuming it is, but I have to admit I'm still not 100% clear on
> how Emacs handles the situation where you use a library that is both
> built-in and available in ELPA. Does Emacs use the latest version
> available or does it use the built-in version until you explicitly
> select the ELPA versions?

Welp, I happened to ponder the same question after trying to implement a
function to install packages that are not installed already (I'm not
using any helper configuration such as use-package, which would already
handle this). From what I gathered empirically, it appears that if
something is built-in, Emacs' package.el won't try to install -- it
checks with package-installed-p on any call to package-install, which
checks if the package is built-in with package-built-in-p as a fallback
on cond --, but you can force installation from the archives by passing
a package description object (defined as package-desc on package.el)
instead of a symbol

    (let ((pkg-desc (assq 'org package-archive-contents)))
      (package-install pkg-desc))

and Emacs seems to be loading the newest version when it is a dependency
of something else. Though I'm not really sure, as most of the packages I
have from ELPA have the same version as the ones built-in on Emacs
28.0.91. I'll try and install Emacs 27 to check this out.

In the mean time, I guess this would be a good opportunity to share a
couple of functions I have with the purpose of installing packages.

    (defun pkg-description (package)
      "Return the description for PACKAGE.
    If PACKAGE is installed, the will be present on `package-alist',
    otherwise look for it in `package-archive-contents'."
      (or (cadr (assoc package package-alist))
          (cadr (assoc package package-archive-contents))))

    (defun pkg-ensure-archive (package)
      "Install PACKAGE from the archives, if not already installed."
      (when-let ((pkg-desc (pkg-description package)))
        (unless (package-installed-p pkg-desc)
          (package-install-from-archive pkg-desc))))

    (defun require-package (package &optional force)
      "Ensure that PACKAGE is installed.
    If FORCE is non-nil, force installation regardless if PACKAGE is
    built-in or not.

    First, use `package-installed-p' to check if PACKAGE was
    installed via the Emacs package manager, otherwise, try to
    `require' PACKAGE; this ensures that we don't require PACKAGE if
    it was installed using the package manager. If both of those
    fail, run `package-refresh-contents' and install PACKAGE."
      (unless (and (not force)
                   (or (package-installed-p package)
                       (require package nil 'no-error)))
        (unless (assoc package package-archive-contents)
        (if force
            (pkg-ensure-archive package)
          (package-install package))))

On the last one, the main function that I use, if FORCE is non-nil it
will download and install the package from the archives even if it is

Best regards,

João Pedro de Amorim Paula
IT undergraduate at Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN)

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