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Re: Lazy load of org-protocol

From: Jim Porter
Subject: Re: Lazy load of org-protocol
Date: Mon, 7 Feb 2022 11:06:48 -0800

On 2/7/2022 6:57 AM, Max Nikulin wrote:
Maybe another option would be to add an --apply argument that really *does* consume the other command-line args and turns them into a properly-quoted function call. Roughly speaking, it would turn this:

   emacs --apply func foo bar baz

into this:

   (apply #'func '(foo bar baz))

You have almost managed to sell this idea to me. However even --apply is just sugar for

     emacsclient --eval "(apply #'func command-line-args-left)" --arg 1 2

So it is --apply option that may require to write a dedicated function if --arg is not implemented. Another limitation of --apply is that the function must accept string arguments only, no lists or even integers or boolean.

Yeah, `--arg' does have greater flexibility in that regard, but it comes at the cost of verbosity and some slight behavioral differences with the equivalent in the main emacs executable. For emacs itself, any elements of `command-line-args-left' that aren't consumed by a function will get opened as files, but I don't think that would be the case with emacsclient. Does this difference matter? Probably not. However, avoiding `command-line-args-left' just feels intuitively "cleaner" to me. Still, I think `--arg' should work and be backwards-compatible, so I don't mind it, even if I prefer the simplicity of `--apply'.

On a related note, there is still an issue with `--eval' in some cases. It fails to work with emacsclient when invoking an alternate editor:

  emacsclient --alternate-editor emacs --eval '(message "hi")'

If Emacs isn't already running, that will open a new buffer named '(message "hi")'. I think that's just a bug in how emacsclient handles `--eval', though fixing it would make org-protocol links work more reliably (if they used `--eval' as proposed, that is).

- Jim

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