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Turn Emacs holidays into Org appointments?

From: David Rogers
Subject: Turn Emacs holidays into Org appointments?
Date: Mon, 07 Feb 2022 11:12:30 -0800
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I'm using Org-mode to organize readings and music for Christian church services. These services are scheduled according to certain holidays, and Emacs already "knows" all of the holidays that matter for this discussion - they're viewable by selecting the appropriate settings for the calendar. (The ones that don't matter right now are those that are simply X days or X weeks from the important ones.)

I don't currently view or use any of the Emacs holidays as they were intended, and I don't really need to.

Is there a way that I can use something like the Emacs holiday forms - shown at https://www.gnu.org/software/emacs/manual/html_node/emacs/Holiday-Customizing.html - but from inside an Org-mode appointment timestamp, so that I can use the result in my "Work2022.org" file? Here's a mock example of what I'm trying to do:

* Easter
<(holiday-easter-etc 0)>
** stuff for Easter

* The Sunday after Easter
<(holiday-easter-etc 7)>
** stuff for after Easter

This way, there would be less chance for error on my part, and the scheduling lines would stay the same from year to year, rather than having to look up individual dates and re-write them.

I'd prefer them to show up as appointments and schedules that I can modify and rearrange one by one in the scheduling lines of my Org files, rather than as a group of holidays that get inserted into the agenda from a holidays file - but maybe that just isn't how Emacs is set up.

I suppose if I ended up with my own extremely customized holidays file, and I added a link in each day's Org subtree to the corresponding line in the holidays file, that could be a workaround . . .


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