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Re: Faulty SVG width in default HTML export style

From: Yuchen Guo
Subject: Re: Faulty SVG width in default HTML export style
Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2022 16:48:05 +0200
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Rudolf Adamkovič <salutis@me.com> writes:

> I now wonder if anyone knows how to fix the misaligned baselines of
> inline LaTeX fragments (as shown in the second screenshot).

I think we can solve this issue by looking at how Wikipedia does the
alignment of text and LaTeX snippets.  A cursory look at


... shows that they use something like this:

  <img src="..." style="vertical-align: -0.838ex; width:5.663ex; 

The alignment parameters are also dependent on the snippet itself.

> If we could somehow fix that, MathJax-less export
> could become usable in practice *and* it would also unlock full LaTeX
> power, including TikZ and beyond!  (It would also put Emacs ahead of the
> pack in the world of LaTeX-capable editors because virtually every other
> modern editor, including the proprietary ones, can just use MathJax.)

For me, Emacs using MathJax as default came across as an unpleasant
surprise: any person aware of the free/libre software movement knows
that one should never allow Javascript to run in their browser: (ref
https://www.gnu.org/philosophy/javascript-trap.html ).

MathJax is not even compatible with LibreJS and loads script from
a bunch of 3rd-party servers like Cloudflare.  This enables those 3rd
parties to track visitors to your website.

Also, by loading external scripts, author of an website essentially puts
the website and its visitors under the mercy of the script: the script,
if malicious, can just sabotage the entire website.

Sadly it seems that there aren't enough people using Orgmode with SVG:
this CSS bug is at least present since 2020, according to git logs.
Rendering SVG images is also painfully slow: I can export the document
as PDF much faster than as HTML+SVG.  Then there is the alignment issue.

> @me.com

Unrelated but I think its best to not use Apple dis-services: it has a
record of kowtowing to government requests such as moving email account
to surveillance-friendly regimes:

Not to mention its utter contempt of Software Freedom such as forbidding
GNU GPL on their program distribution platform.
Yuchen Guo

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