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Re: [BUG] The documentation webserver gives 404s [9.5.4 (release_9.5.4-3

From: Max Nikulin
Subject: Re: [BUG] The documentation webserver gives 404s [9.5.4 (release_9.5.4-3-g6dc785 @ <censored>)]
Date: Tue, 5 Jul 2022 09:39:41 +0700
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On 05/07/2022 05:37, Tim Cross wrote:
Max Nikulin writes:

However it seems, Bastien earlier configured a set of rewrite rules mapping old 
file names
with more lower case letters to new ones. In my opinion it is the best option 
and it
should be restored. List of files may be committed to git (either Org or site) 
to detect
changes later and to add new mappings when some file disappears.

Are you sure about that. There is nothing along these lines in the nginx
config file that I can see. Also, my reading following that thread you
provided earlier was that Bastien thought the overhead to manage such
lists was too high?

Bastien. Re: Possible bug report: URL capitalization in online manual. Mon, 10 Feb 2020 07:48:21 +0100 https://list.orgmode.org/874kvzdjka.fsf@gnu.org/
I've now installed the rewrite rules on the server and all these links
are redirecting correctly. Given the amount of Org documentation links
living out there, that's really a good idea.

I did not check it that time, so I can not be really sure. The rules might be lost during migration to deployment using SourceHut. My expectation is "301 Moved Permanently" redirection for obsolete file names.

I do not think, a hundred of redirection rules gives significant overhead. I attributed Bastien's "too much" to maintaining documentation for several versions of Org. A part of original problem (if I get it correctly) was mix of old files survived from earlier versions of the manual and current ones. Certainly removing of outdated files was a proper step.

Tim Cross:
At this point, my vote is to just do a basic updated 404 page that
points to the index.html page for orgmode.org

For the manual and for the guide directories I still consider links to the table of contents (or even full table of contents) on 404 pages as a better variant.

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