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Re: [BUG] The documentation webserver gives 404s [9.5.4 (release_9.5.4-3

From: Max Nikulin
Subject: Re: [BUG] The documentation webserver gives 404s [9.5.4 (release_9.5.4-3-g6dc785 @ <censored>)]
Date: Tue, 5 Jul 2022 11:22:39 +0700
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On 05/07/2022 09:54, Tim Cross wrote:
Max Nikulin writes:
Bastien. Re: Possible bug report: URL capitalization in online manual. Mon, 10 
Feb 2020
07:48:21 +0100 https://list.orgmode.org/874kvzdjka.fsf@gnu.org/
I've now installed the rewrite rules on the server and all these links
are redirecting correctly. Given the amount of Org documentation links
living out there, that's really a good idea.

Tim, is there any chance that Bastien forgot to send you some included file for nginx configuration? However, the site ignores this file even it exists somewhere on filesystem.

Tim Cross:
At this point, my vote is to just do a basic updated 404 page that
points to the index.html page for orgmode.org

For the manual and for the guide directories I still consider links to the 
table of
contents (or even full table of contents) on 404 pages as a better variant.

I don't really care what specific page is linked to - just that we keep
it simple and have a link for an initial quick fix. Only reason I
mentioned the index.html page is that it has links to everything - worg,
git, manual, mail list etc. It is possible that people get to 404 via
links other than to the manual.

I do not have ready to use snippet, but I am sure it should be possible to set specific 404 pages for particular directories like the manual and the guide. Of course, these pages, besides links to table of contents, may have another link to index.html or a navigation header shared with other pages on the site.

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