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Re: org-capture and fast selection of tags

From: Ihor Radchenko
Subject: Re: org-capture and fast selection of tags
Date: Sat, 16 Jul 2022 17:12:47 +0800

Christian Heinrich <com-orgmode-mailinglist@gladbachcity.de> writes:

> I looked at the code and came up with a patch that works for me (see below). 
> However, this may
> change behavior for others:


> 1. The original %^g will work on non-headlines, but if (org-set-tags-command) 
> is called as I do,
> this is no longer possible and would need to be checked (what would be a good 
> way here?)
> 2. Can I really deduce from (org-use-fast-tag-selection) being non-nil that 
> fast selection should be
> used in capture templates as well? Does it actually make sense to incorporate 
> this into %^g/G?
> I am neither a lisp programmer nor acquainted with the org codebase; this is 
> a draft I came up
> with. If you can provide me with further feedback, I'm willing to make this 
> more stable.

The idea is reasonable, but using org-set-tags-command is not ideal
indeed. Instead, you can take the relevant part of org-set-tags-command
(it is all but last line of the "t" cond clause) and put it into a
separate auxiliary function. Then, you can simply call that function
inside the org-set-tags-command and inside the capture template code.


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