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Re: set-frame-font doesn't work for me

From: Joe Corneli
Subject: Re: set-frame-font doesn't work for me
Date: Mon, 01 Mar 2004 11:42:38 -0600

   Joe Corneli wrote:
   > I have 
   > Emacs*Font: -Sony-Fixed-Medium-R-Normal--24-170-100-100-C-120-ISO8859-1
   > in my .Xdefaults and something similar in my default-frame-alist.
   > When I run
   > (set-frame-font "6x12")
   > or
   > (set-frame-font "6x12" t)
   > The only thing that happens is that the screen flashes.  Maybe its
   > relevant that I'm running the ratpoison window manager, which has
   > every window maximized?

   Even if the window is maximized, it should change font, unless
   that window manager rellay forces every window to be constant
   size.  What should happen for a maximized window is that if you
   specify a larger font, the window should grow, i.e. become larger
   than the screen.  If this does not happen, I would say that the
   window manager is fundamentally broken.

I strongly question the utility of having windows that are larger
than the screen.  I also question the utility of having windows that
are smaller than the screen, except under special circumstances that
require e.g. comparing the output of two different graphical
programs side by side.

   It is not worth the trouble to change Emacs for it.  But please
   test this on another window manager.  

I don't have another window manager installed, and if I did, it
would also keep all the windows the same size as the screen, so
someone else will have to test it.

   If it doesn't work there either, something else is broken.

I am pretty sure that the above command worked under the same window
manager with a slightly earlier version of Emacs.

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