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Re: invisible

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: invisible
Date: 03 Mar 2004 17:41:31 -0500
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> What about the other point: that this behavior should make it easy
> for programs to avoid situations where two different point values
> correspond to the same location on the screen?

I guess I mostly agree (I don't think it's that important and it sometimes
makes sense to me to get to two different points (for the same display
position) depending on how I reach this display position.  This is
typically the case when the invisible text is non-sticky at both ends).

The whole point of my patch is indeed to avoid such situations where one
display position can correspond to more than one point value.
Your invisible+intangible code had the same goal but only works for
intangible text, whereas mine works for all invisible text.


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