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Re: gdb-ui and Mac OS X

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: gdb-ui and Mac OS X
Date: 28 Mar 2004 12:59:15 -0500
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> reports, so I'll commit it to the repository as an option.

Sure, feel free.

> Incidentally when I run it on GNU/Linux I get similar output (with
> important differences) but in the *reverse* order.

Well, sorry, I forgot to mention that I did (reverse gud-debug-log) from
a *ielm* buffer in order to get the value.

> I don't know exactly why this happens but the gdb command "interpreter mi"
> was added to the FSF repository by Jim Ingham at Apple. They have their
> own version of gdb and their own repository which they use for an
> application called Project Builder.  Does Darwin mean Apple or open source?

AFAIK, it's the `gdb' executable that's distributed by Apple.
I think `Darwin' means many things, but it surely doesn't imply open source.

> Anyway, to get gdb-ui to work on Mac OS all you should need to do is is
> remove gdb-var-update from gdb-post-prompt as watch expressions don't work
> with this version of gdb anyway.

Indeed, it seems to fix this problem.  Now I'll have to see what's up with
the spurious frames-invalid thing.

> If this works, then I guess I can add the following to gdb-ui.el (at least
> until Mac OS ships GDB 6.0):
> (unless (eq window-system 'mac) (...))

IIUC, the thing doesn't do anything useful in GDB < 6 anyway, right?
On the macosx version it leads to bad behavior, but on other systems it's
just caught as an error and ignored, right?
Then how abour "parsing" the "welcome message" to see if we're dealing with
GDB >= 6 ?  Or otherwise how about moving this to the gdbmi insterface?


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