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Re: makefile-mode font-lock bugs and annoyances

From: Daniel Pfeiffer
Subject: Re: makefile-mode font-lock bugs and annoyances
Date: Thu, 09 Jun 2005 19:58:30 +0200
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la 09.06.2005 09:40 Miles Bader skribis:
Daniel Pfeiffer <address@hidden> writes:
As for the face, I chose a background colour so it wouldn't
collide whith any variable, function etc. highlighting. And the colour
name, seashell, was just too tempting for a Shell command.

If you're going to use a background color for this sort of thing, it's a
good idea to make it as subtle as you can get away with (fairly close to
the default background color, which usually means providing separate
dark- and light-background variants).  It's unlikely that it will ever
look good on low-color ttys (because they have no subtle colors).
Myself I actually use a bit gaudier seashell2, but I did set the defaults to a very light seashell1 and very dark seashell4.
Also, please remove the "-face" suffix from the face names.
I don't understand.  I called the new ones like all faces (except the basic bold et al.): makefile-space-face (which is not by me), Info-title-1-face, change-log-*-face, custom-*-face, diff-*-face and many others.

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Daniel Pfeiffer

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