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Re: ispell.el doesn't find all of aspell's dictionaries

From: Richard M. Stallman
Subject: Re: ispell.el doesn't find all of aspell's dictionaries
Date: Sun, 26 Jun 2005 18:42:26 -0400

    Yes, 'aspell dicts' prints a list of installed dictionaries.

    However, I've looked closer at ispell.el, and it seems that the fix is
    not trivial, as ispell-dictionary-alist contains additional data
    (described in the docstring).  Some seems to be specific to ispell,
    but casechars and otherchars need to be determined in some way.
    Otherchars could be extracted from aspell's $LANG.dat file (the
    "special" declaration).  Redefining some of the ispell-get-*
    functions[1] to behave differently if aspell is used would probably
    be nearly sufficient.

    I'm slightly inclined to fix it myself, if there's noone more suitable
    to do it.

Would you, please?  There's no one else I can count on to do this work.
So please tell me if you will do it.

If it is necessary, we can ask the aspell developer to record and
output additional info about dictionaries, to tell Emacs what to do.
I've cc'd him.  However, we would want to develop a clean representation
for the relevant information.

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