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RE: map-keymap doc not clear

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: map-keymap doc not clear
Date: Fri, 20 Jan 2006 08:49:08 -0800

        IOW, the context doesn't make clear which meaning of
        "binding" is meant in the first line.

    It does not really matter which one it means in the first line.
    Both meanings give the same result.

Well, I don't agree (or else I don't understand), and Stefan seemed to agree
with me, FWIW.

First sense:  binding = the pair: (event, its-binding-in-sense#2)

Second sense: binding = the command or keymap to which the event is bound

The set of bindings in sense #2 doesn't map one-to-one to the set of
bindings in sense #1.

If "binding" is (mis)interpreted in the first line as it is meant in
subsequent lines (that is, in sense #2), and if FUNCTION is called once for
each such binding #2, then what do you say about two different events bound
to the same command or keymap? For which event is FUNCTION called?

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