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Re: Emacs fails parsing gdb output

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Emacs fails parsing gdb output
Date: Sat, 14 Jul 2007 15:34:14 -0400
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>> How about if we modify "M-x gdb" to invoke gdb-ui if a certain option is
>> set?  Whether this option should be on or off by default, is another
>> matter, but at least users will be able to control what UI they get by
>> flipping a single option.

> Most users will just use the default until it causes problems, so I don't
> see that there's much difference.

In my opinion we should very much make the gdb-ui code the default.
As for keeping support for --fullname, I believe it's needed as long as the
gdb-ui code isn't as robust as the --fullname one.  I'm not sure what is the
current state of affairs, but I've had to switch to --fullname because of
minor problems at least once in the last year.

Of course, I didn't file a bug report about it: that would have been too
easy, right?  More seriously, I simply had no time at that moment and
couldn't reproduce it afterwards.

I'm not sure what's the reason for gdb-ui's historical instability, but
I suspect it's due to the interface between gdb and gdb-ui (the --annotate-3
annotations).  I hope GDB/MI is better.  Unless the problem is directly in
GDB's own instability.


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