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Re: Emacs fails parsing gdb output

From: Johan Bockgård
Subject: Re: Emacs fails parsing gdb output
Date: Sat, 14 Jul 2007 12:36:26 +0200
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Stefan Monnier <address@hidden> writes:

> +  (if (case gud-gdb-annotations
> +        (2 nil)
> +        (nil (string-match "--annotate=3" command-line))

FWIW, this should be `((nil) ...)'. `nil' means an empty KEYLIST
(which always fails).

The manual says

     To make a clause that matches the actual symbol `t', `nil', or
     `otherwise', enclose the symbol in a list.

Maybe a similar note should be added to the docstring.

Johan Bockgård

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