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Re: [emms-help] Re: cvs vs packaged

From: Yoni Rabkin
Subject: Re: [emms-help] Re: cvs vs packaged
Date: Tue, 31 May 2005 10:10:07 +0300


> > While compiling toplevel forms in file
> > /home/orchid/src/emms/emms-info-later-do.el:
> >   !! Symbol's function definition is void
> >   ((cl-byte-compile-compiler-macro))
> > Done
> > make: *** [emms-info-later-do.elc] Error 1


To solve this, we need to add the expression (eval-when-compile
(require 'cl)) before any `require' (in other words, as the first
thing) in both emms-info-later-do.el and emms-info-mp3info.el. After
that EMMS will byte compile happily.

If no-one has a problem with that I'll commit those changes tonight
when I get back from work (unless someone commits the fix beforehand).

"Cut your own wood and it will warm you twice"
        Regards, Yoni Rabkin Katzenell

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