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[emms-help] Emms lyrics bug

From: Yoni Rabkin
Subject: [emms-help] Emms lyrics bug
Date: Tue, 20 Dec 2016 15:19:21 -0500
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A handful of compilation bugs are left. Among them:

In emms-lyrics-visit-lyric:
emms-lyrics.el:240:53:Warning: reference to free variable ‘filename’
emms-lyrics.el:248:47:Warning: reference to free variable

These seem to trace back to Rasmus' commit
6bc53c76eadaee1ba37d6301c28ac987d77c0124 from 2015.

Rasmus, can you please fix that issue by either re-binding filename to
the right value in that `let' or doing away with it altogether?

Thank you.

   "Cut your own wood and it will warm you twice"

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