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Re: [emms-help] mpv player alternative with json-ipc

From: Ian Dunn
Subject: Re: [emms-help] mpv player alternative with json-ipc
Date: Fri, 13 Apr 2018 15:23:05 -0400
User-agent: mu4e 1.0; emacs 26.0.91

    MK> Hi,

    MK> Have been using recently-merged dochang/emms-player-mpv emms backend for
    MK> a while, but recently had an thought to get track durations from mpv, as
    MK> pre-scanning them otherwise from mostly-sshfs sources is quite slow.

    MK> So implemented a different backend for mpv using its bidirectional "JSON
    MK> IPC" API with long-running mpv instances (kinda like mpd):


    MK> Advantages of using mpv this way vs player-simple (that I can think of):

    This looks great!  Couple of comments after a brief look at it:

1a. You should require s and dash in the header, as they both appear to be 
dependencies.  I can't immediately see any others.

1b. Neither is currently a dependency of EMMS, so either they'd have to be 
added, or removed from your code.

2. In "emms-mpv-ipc-line", give the option for users to introduce their own 
event handlers.  This makes it easier to extend to support additional events.

3. As stated in another email, you use the --idle flag, which seems to exist 
for this very purpose.  Thanks for that.

4. A general convention when dealing with external processes in emacs is to 
break up command line args and the actual program.  It especially helps when 
users want to use a specific binary.  Otherwise, I'd have to modify just the 
first argument of a list if I wanted to modify it at all in a robust way.

5. Adding to 4, I'd recommend making emms-mpv-proc-cmd a defcustom instead of a 

Ian Dunn

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