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[emms-help] BUG: emms-show-all-mode zaps window configuration on quit

From: Fran Burstall
Subject: [emms-help] BUG: emms-show-all-mode zaps window configuration on quit
Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2018 23:57:23 +0100

I have two windows open and do M-x emms-show-all.  One
window is filled with track info.  Now I hit 'q' to call

What I expect: the emms-show-all buffer to disappear and its
window to display whatever it displayed before I did M-x

What happens: the buffer and the window it was in both
disappear so I now only have one window.

Not passing the buffer name to bury-buffer (which will then
remove the buffer from the window) and not calling
delete-window fix this (at least to me) undesirable


(defun emms-show-all-mode-bury-buffer ()
  "Bury, and optionally kill the show buffer."
  ;; (delete-window)
  (when emms-show-all-kill-buffer-on-quit-p
    (kill-buffer emms-show-all-buffer-name)))


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