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[ESPResSo] Problem with write vtf, vcf, vsf and PDB

From: samira jamalian
Subject: [ESPResSo] Problem with write vtf, vcf, vsf and PDB
Date: Thu, 11 Mar 2010 06:55:29 -0500

Dear Espresso Users and Developers,

I am using theses commands in a system in which my particles have bonds with each other. when ever I use each of these commands (whrite vtf, write vcf, write vsf or write PDB) I encounter the following error:

invalid command name "vtfpid(0)"
      while executing
      (procedure "writevsf" line 150)
      invoked from within
"writevsf $vtfftile"
      (file "./Cell.tcl" line 152)

Cell.tcl is my file name and in line 152 I have written the writevsf command. I must add that when I use these commands in exampels which have lenard jones potential between particles and not bonds I can use these commands with no problem. Is this because I have bonds between my particles? How can I solve it? I realy need to create these files.

Thanks you in advance
Samira Jamalian

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