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[Fab-user] splitting large fabfile.py

From: Aljosa Mohorovic
Subject: [Fab-user] splitting large fabfile.py
Date: Mon, 11 May 2009 15:17:14 +0200

i'm trying to split a large fabfile.py but i can't find any examples
in docs and there is no info how should i use "config" when "fabric
actions" are defined in a different file.
my code looks similar to:
config.project = 'some project'
config.[...] # other options

from deploy.something import some_fab_action

def local():
  "set development env: LOCAL"
  config.fab_user = 'aljosa'
  config.fab_hosts = ['localhost',]
  config.project_root = os.path.abspath('.')


now when i call "$ fab local some_fab_action" how should i use
"config" in some_fab_action which is in "deploy.something" and
imported into fabfile.py?
any tips/ideas are welcome.

Aljosa Mohorovic

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